About Goldies

Cat rescue & rehoming, based in Essex.

Goldie’s Cat Rescue exists to cover the three R’s: Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome. We rescue cats and kittens of all ages but prioritise and specialist in senior cats over 12 years young and over, and cats that other rescues would normally turn away, such as ferals, disabled cats and FIV positive cats. We are primarily based in Essex, England, but will rehome within the surround counties too.

We never refuse to rescue a cat just because it is sick or has a long term illness, if anything we prioritise these cases. We have a strict non-destruct policy in all cases, unless of course a cat is beyond veterinary treatment and is suffering. The cats we rescue come into an our care for many reasons, some being baby kittens abandoned by their mother, unwanted and dumped cats, to bereaved elderly cats left behind by a dearly departed human.

We rehabilitate kittens from feral backgrounds and attempt to rehabilitate older feral cats too. For any feral cats who we cannot rehabilitate, we find loving homes in stables and country homes where they will be wanted and cared for. We rehabilitate cats who have suffered with tragic backgrounds and even kittens or cats that are shy and timid.

We are a nonprofit organisation, and we are all unpaid volunteers who run the rescue in our own time, around full time employment, young families and our day-to-day lives. Every single penny donated goes towards the cats and kittens in our care. We receive no government funding and we rely in the generosity of the public and our wonderful supporters. We are always looking to recruit new volunteers, from fosterers, transporters, administrators and volunteers to man stalls. If you can help us please get in touch.

All our cats are neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated, health checked by a vet, flea and worm treated and micro-chipped prior to rehoming. Senior cats also have a general wellbeing blood test. This insures that we can effective screen for any underlying health conditions (cats are very good at hiding sickness), so we can inform potential adopters, and it makes it easier for adopters to take out insurance for their new feline family member should they wish to. Any kittens we help to rehome are at a minimum are micro-chipped, flea and worm treated and health checked by our vet, then depending on their age, they are also vaccinated and neutered. If they are too young then a vaccination and neutering agreement is completed by their adopters, which we follow up to ensure that this has been completed in the agreed time frame, and we can provide discounted neutering vouchers.

Our cats and kittens are usually in private fostering, in volunteers homes where they receive love and care just as a cat who had found their forever home would. Even in the case where they are in a spare room, this is no doubt more spacious and homely then being in a cage at a rehoming center. There are a few exception of desperate and urgent cases, and where appropriate we will use a private cattery local to us which has been helping the rescue for many, many years.

We meet with all prospective adopters and carry out what is called a home check. This is to ensure that we are matching the correct cat with the correct family. The health and happiness of the cats in our care are our priority. Take a look at our cats to see if you are considering adding a new furry member to your family.