Bagheera (ADOPTED)


If you follow Goldie’s Cat Rescue on Facebook, you may remember our pleas to find a cat named Marigold a foster home. Unfortunately we were not able to find one suitable and time was running out, so Laura very kindly offered to foster Marigold.

Marigold’s was a stray that a kind senior lady took care of. Sadly, Marigold’s owner recently passed away, leaving the property to her estranged nephew, who didn’t want anything to do with her cat and wanted Marigold gone before the house was sold. Thankfully the owner’s friend contacted us for help and we were able to finally help Marigold, BUT….

The friend met our volunteer at the vet last Friday to sign Marigold over and to start the veterinary treatment, and the vet noticed that Marigold is a BOY! So he has been renamed Bagheera.

Bagheera is missing a toe, probably from an incident from years ago, but this does not need any further treatment. He is missing a lot of teeth and the rest will probably also all need to be taken out. He also had a flea infestation. He has started his vaccination course, been flea and worm treated, microchipped and of course had a blood test.He is settling in well into his foster home with Laura, and hopefully it won’t be long until we can find this handsome mini panther a new loving home.If you would like to contribute towards Bagheera’s £300+ vet bill, donations can be made directly to Vets4Pets Romford on 01708 720 920, by PayPal to or via our GoFundMe page

Bagheera has been extremely overly friendly and is a very loving kitty. He is going to make a very special feline friend to who ever is lucky enough to adopt this handsome kitty.