Toby is a very handsome black and white kitty with the cutest eyes. He would LOVE a home with a big, sunny window to sun bathe in or a radiator to stretch out on in the colder months. He is a lap cat and likes affection – under the chin scratches and being brushed are his two favourite things, so would make a great felifamily member for those looking for a bit of company BUT he is also independent so could happily live with full time workers too. Toby is a big kitten at hear and loves to play with toys in sticks that he can ‘catch’ or a torch light – he’s as quick as lightening!

Toby is almost 12 years young and would prefer to be the only pet – he could live with a very laid back dog but no other kitties please. Toby could also live with a child who is around 7-8 years old but they must be cat savvy.

Toby has had a full clean bill of health by a recent blood MOT test, however he does sometimes suffer from a blocked nose, so on occasion you will need to wipe it for him with a baby wipe or a damp cotton wool. This does cause him to snore.

He is litter trained but he has access to a garden and he also uses the garden. He is not a fussy eater.