Becks’ story

Becks, along with his brother Tom, came into our care after his elderly owners both passed away close together. Their daughter was chatting to their neighbour and informed them that as soon as she had finished clearing the house, she was just going to lock them outside. When Becks came to Goldie’s he was a little underweight. This was because his brother Tom would push him out of the way at meal times. Once Tom was rehomed, Becks soon blossomed and really came out of his shell, not to mention reached a healthy weight.

Beck’s happy ending

Becks was adopted by a lovely couple from Kent. Becks is like their little baby, especially in the way Becks loves to cuddle and be held in their arms. He is a very happy boy in himself and he has become very talkative and is always making really cute noises. Apparently Becks has a little love hate relationship with the bathroom mat (pictured). Every time his adopters flattens it out, he will run into the bathroom, rolls it up and wraps himself in it, then proceeds to kick it with his back legs! He absolutely loves to play fight and will chases his adopter around the house. They say he is more like a dog, is so loving and always comes and sits with his adopters if she has had a bad day.

Thank you for adopting Becks Miranda and Ryan, and giving him the forever home he so deserves.