Nicki, who adopted Desmond in 2015 says:┬áIt’s a year next week since I picked him up from Ehren. He settled in very quickly with us and is at his happiest when he is eating! He loves sunning himself in the enclosed balcony and looking out onto the street below watching the cars! He has an FIV+ friend Harry who comes over on play dates and they stay over at each other’s homes, and at Harry’s flat he gets to sit on the balcony and sniff the plants too! He is about to become a big brother – we have a human arriving for him in November and although he keeps staring at the growing amount of new items in bedroom we can tell he is excited as he lays on my belly purring.

His favourite toy is a bottle top – despite me spending a fortune on toys! He doesn’t care for a cat bed either which went to another home, he likes the sofa but his favourite is the bed, when we let him sleep with us he purrs all night. I can’t imagine my life without him so thank you for rescuing him from being put down, it would have been such a waste as he really is one special pussy cat.

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