Hugo renamed Alfie

We were asked by a local charity veterinary hospital to help with rehoming a stray kitty who had ben brought into them after he was found with a large wound on his neck. Sadly no owner came forward. They nursed ‘Hugo’ back to health and asked if we could help find him a forever home.

Hugo’s Happy Ending

Thankfully Jackie and her partner came to one of our rehoming shows, and although Hugo wasn’t there, they fell in love with his photo.

Jackie, who adopted Hugo, now renamed Alfie says; ‘He has settled so well now – its as if he has been here forever. He wasn’t too friendly with our 2 year old German shepherd at first (who loves cats!) but with a lot of time and patience they are now the best of friends. He also adores our 90 year old tortoise!
So glad we decided to get an adult cat (rather then a kitten) and so lucky to have got him. Thank you for all the hard work you do’.

Good luck Alfie! So glad to hear you have found your forever home!