Maow’s story

Maow’s owners moved out of her house share and left her behind. The housemate actually worked for a national animal charity, however they were concerned that they would deem Maow ‘too old’ and would euthanize her. Goldie’s Cat Rescue’s fosters homes were totally full, so Maow had to stay in my bedroom. Luckily we found her a home by the end of the weekend, and she has never looked back!


Maow’s happy ending

Maow was adopted by Zoe and her partner Richard. Zoe says: “After losing my rescue cat Missie it broke my heart into a million peaces. I wasn’t looking to get another cat as I was still getting over the loss of Missie but Maow came up on Goldie’s Facebook page as an urgent appeal for help. Her previous owners sadly were going to have her put to sleep if a home or foster wasn’t found asap. I know Missie cat wouldn’t want that for any animal so I replied to a Facebook status and then had a chat with Goldie’s about fostering. At first Maow was just going to be a foster cat as I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another kitty yet but as soon as I met her I knew she belonged with me so decided to adopt her and give her a forever loving home! Maow is the sweetest girl who loves everyone, she is kind and very affectionate and every day she brings a smile to my face! Maow is a older cat I always adopt the older kitties as they have so much love still to give!! How anyone could part with Maow in the first place I just don’t know but at least she now has her forever home with me thanks to Goldie’s Cat Rescue.”

Thank you again Zoe and Richard for giving Maow the forever home she so deserves.