Tom & Claud

Claud’s story

Goldie’s Cat Rescue were contacted by a volunteer for another rescue who had found three semi feral kittens. She was able to care for them until we found the forever homes. Being so young we knew that they would become tame, it was just finding them homes that would be happy to work with them at the kitten’s own pace.

Tom’s story

Tom, along with his brother Becks, came into our care after his elderly owners both passed away close together. Their daughter was chatting to their neighbour and informed them that as soon as she had finished clearing the house, she was just going to lock them outside. Being a big, beautiful ginger boy, we knew he wouldn’t stay in our care for long!

Claud’s and Tom’s happy ending

Ursula says: “I already had three young black cats who I had rescued as kittens but really missed my old ginger boy. Stupidly, having helped a friend rescue two grey cats from Goldie’s Cat Rescue, I mentioned that I would be interested in any ginger ones! Immediately I was offered a ginger and white 15 week old kitten. His brother and sister, elegant black and white cats, had already been reserved for adoption. This half feral boy was a very naughty kitten who has turned into a very loving cat. He gets on well with adoptive brother Nero. Between them they can steal anything! I kept him indoors until he was 18 months old but now he goes in and out the cat flap but doesn’t stray far. His feral nature means he is always on the defensive which keeps him safe.

A year later Goldie’s had an old ginger boy called Tom. Well how could I resist? Tom took quite a while to settle with the other cats and the dog but only six months later he is a happy relaxed cat who loves to explore the fields which my garden backs onto. It is often said that some cats prefer to be an only pet, but with a bit of patience and supervision most can learn to tolerate each other.”

 Thank you Ursula for adopting both Claud and Tom and giving these two ginger boys a loving forever home!