Vic & Bob

Vic’s and Bob’s story

Vic (13 years young) and Bob (14 years young) came to us from another rescue in June 2014 after their owners immigrated and left them behind. The owners said that they both had a history of urinary tract infections, however when Goldie’s Cat Rescue took them to our vets for further investigations, it was actually found that Vic was in perfect health except for needing an immediate dental, but sadly Bob had diabetes. Thankfully after posting this on Goldie’s Cat Rescue’s Facebook page, a woman contacted Goldie’s from Diabetic Cat Care. She gave us invaluable information about diabetes in felines and after three weeks of their foster’s dedication to Bob and checking his glucose levels, we are happy to say that he is now in remission and has not have any insulin since July 2014.

Vic’s and Bob’s happy ending

Their fosterer, Joy, fell in love with them and has now joined the club of failed fosterers. Joy did such a wonderful job with the assistance of Diabetic Cat Care, to get Bob into remission. She fattened them up and her TLC gave the boys a new lease of life. They now act like kittens and run around her bungalow chasing their arch enemy, the red laser pointer.  Joy said it is so rewarding knowing that she has given these two senior cats a forever home, one that they truly deserve. She cannot describe how much she loves them, and it chokes her to think about how much they mean to her. Joy highly recommends giving a senior cat a forever home, as they are so deserving of a second chance at a loving family. At 68 herself, she says age is just a number.