Daisy’s story

Goldie’s Cat Rescue were contacted by Daisy’s original owner when she was moving house and could not take Daisy with her. We didn’t have any free foster homes, so appealed for a special adopter who would be willing to adopt her straight from her home, obviously with the support of Goldie’s Cat Rescue, which is better for Daisy as it means less stress for her. Thankfully it didn’t take Daisy long at all to find a new home, especially being a rare female ginger cat helped.

We arrange to met Daisy’s original owner at our vets and her teeth were in such a horrible condition that we booked her dental in immediately. Linda, Daisy’s adopter collected her straight after, and off Daisy went to her forever home.

Daisy’s happy ending

Linda says: ‘Back in June 2013 I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post my friend had shared for Goldies Cat Recue about a cat called Daisy who needed a new home through no fault of her own. Daisy was 11 years old & young at heart. I knew I had to have her, so I spoke to my partner Daniel about adopting as we already had 3 cats. Once I showed Daniel her photo that was it!

I called & left a message & within a week we were home checked & 2 weeks later I was picking Daisy up to come & live with us.

The first few weeks I kept her in the spare room away from my other cats & slowly introduced them. There was lots if hissing & fur flying for the first couple of weeks but once the Feliway kicked in there was harmony.

Daniel and I are so pleased we adopted a senior kitty. Daisy is such a loving cat with lots of life left in her.’